Building A New Home – Subdivisions


When selecting a site for your new home, first determine if you

want to build in an existing, developed subdivision or on

undeveloped rural property. There are different questions to ask

for each. Here we’ll discuss developed subdivisions.


When thinking of an existing development, before making a final decision,

research how the immediate area is developing. What is the future for new

homes being built? Are additional phases being planned? How many

lots are still available? You will need to review the zoning covenants,

deed and building restrictions. Make sure you also review the

development materials carefully to be sure you don’t have any conflicts.


It’s always a good idea to talk with owners of existing homes in the area.

Do they like living there? What problems, if any, have they had? You’re

probably going to be living in your new home for a long time. The more

research and effort you put in to selecting a building site, the less chance

you’ll have problems down the road.


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