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Garden Calendar – Week of Mar. 9

From Lisa Johnson, Dane County UW Extension horticulture educator:

Vegetables: Tomato and pepper seeds need about 6-8 weeks after germination before they can go outside. Weather permitting, transplants started indoors can generally be planted outside between May 15-20 as long as soil temperatures are at least 60 degrees and night-time temperatures are above 50 degrees. The optimal seed-starting media temperature for germination of tomato  and pepper seeds is 85 degrees, so if starting indoors in a cool area like a basement, a seed-flat heating mat that can be purchased at a garden center may increase germination success. Do NOT use a heating pad meant for people. Be sure to keep seedlings moist especially if using bottom heat, as this tends to dry the seed-starting medium out faster.

Today’s video features How To Install a Lawn Sprinkler System from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series. In this episode, Don Dahlk of Capitol Lawn Sprinkler walks us through the professional installation of a lawn irrigation system in a challenging landscape design featuring numerous planting beds on many different levels. We’ll see how a sprinkler system can be retro-fitted into an existing landscape with minimal disruption, learn about some innovative add-ons and demonstrate the operation of the completed system.

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