January 17 2018 0comment

If It Ain’t Broke Why Replace It?

Today’s video short from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series shows the replacement of a 15 year old furnace and tells why the homeowners upgraded before their old furnace failed. We get comments on this video all the time that boil down to, “If it ain’t broke, why replace it?”

The best reason I can think of is that it’s better for you to pick the time to replace your furnace than it is for your furnace to pick. When your furnace picks, it’s the middle of a winter cold snap and you don’t have time to budget or shop. You’re at the mercy of your heating contractor (“How soon can you get here?!”) and he/she probably won’t be offering much in the way of deep factory discounts. Better to be proactive and take advantage of the latest technology. With that in mind, enjoy today’s video!

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