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Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For May

Here are your Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For May:

General walk through: Check exterior gardens, downspouts and extensions, foundation landscaping. Make sure water drains away from your foundation.

Check/add salt to water softener. Check smoke/fire alarms.

Check window wells. Make sure they are cleaned out and filled.

Trim trees and shrubs away from roof and siding to prevent moisture damage.

Clean/shampoo carpets where necessary, especially in high traffic areas and doorways to prevent build-up.

Check for insect/pest infestation: ants, bees, bats, etc. Safely apply appropriate pesticides or call a professional.

Central air: Close dampers on all lower return vents and clear and clean around condenser units. Change air filters. We recommend having a licensed heating/cooling contractor check and clean the system.

By all accounts, it’s been a rainy spring. The best way to make sure all that water stays away from your home’s foundation is with LeafGuard gutters. See how you can replace your gutters in today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV featuring Larson Home Services.

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