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Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For July

Here are your Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For July:

General walk through: Trim shrubs and weed gardens. Check for disconnected downspout extensions.

Check/add salt to water softener. Check smoke and fire alarms.

Change/clean air filter in furnace if using central air.

Caulk cracks and reseal asphalt driveway, if applicable.

Run drain cleaner through all drain lines and consider having the main sewer line professionally cleaned if drains begin to drain slower. Have septic tank pumped and add treatment, if applicable.

Check windows and doors for proper function and locking. Maintain where necessary.

Check exterior caulking around windows, doors and the sill plate where the house meets the foundation. Clean and re-caulk where necessary.

Heavy rains and flooding have caused erosion problems for those living along our lakes and rivers. Proper landscaping can help alleviate the damage. Landscaping for a lakeshore living area is covered in today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV. Host Stuart Keith meets with Craig Kittleson and Kirk Zimpel from Kittleson Landscape to check out a couple of their projects.

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