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How To Better Use Your Closet Space

Did you know that the pole and shelf closet was designed over a century ago?! Traditional closets waste 60% of their available space but an efficient design can make every cubic inch count. You can actually double your storage space.

Having a designer come to your home is the best route to take when contemplating a storage system. The more information you share with your designer, the better you’ll be able to work together to create a solution that meets your needs. You’ll see exactly what your closet will look like and how your belongings will fit into it. These consultations are often free.

The materials and hardware used to construct your storage system are very important. The best material used is ¾ inch high density industrial grade particle board sealed with a melamine laminate. This smooth surface is necessary so that clothes don’t pull or snag. A suspended system of partitions, shelves and poles from a steel rail that is anchored into the studs of the wall is the sturdiest way to go. Suspension brackets used to fasten the system to the rail enable vertical and horizontal leveling. Unlike floor based storage systems, a wall-mounted system leaves no wood resting on the floor to block access to the closet or prevent you from cleaning or replacing any flooring.

A 14 inch shelf depth is optimum for folded clothes and shoes. The key to a solid structure is to keep the distance between the vertical partitions under 30 inches wherever possible. Be sure that the system is fully adjustable and guaranteed for the lifetime of the closet. The reputation and history of a company is the true test of quality. Don’t shop for price alone. Doing it right the first time will save money and headaches in the long run.

When you’re negotiating the sale of your home, you’ll find that buyers and appraisers know that custom designed storage space adds appreciable value to a home. With a system that is fully adjustable, your buyers will find that a custom organized closet is as convenient for them as it was for you.

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