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Automatic Garage Door Primer

If you own a home with an automatic garage door opener, take a good look and see how it was installed. The installation of a garage door opening system is one of the more common tasks attempted by homeowners with varying degrees of success. The worst jobs are usually obvious and potentially can lead to a premature expense, property damage or even bodily injury. If the garage door falls, the reverse system fails and a child becomes trapped, the result could be tragic. Here are some things you should know about your automatic garage door system:

All automatic garage door systems should have a safety reverse feature that enables the door to reverse on contact with a 1 inch obstacle. You should test it monthly to insure continued safety as weather conditions can cause minor changes in the door operation, particularly during the first year of use.

Do not pull the manual release handle unless the garage door is down, whenever possible. Weak or broken springs could allow an open door to fall rapidly causing property damage or bodily injury. You should be able to operate your garage door manually by pulling the handle while the door is down and lifting it up to reconnect the door to the system. A manual test can help determine if the door is binding or unbalanced. If it is, contact a professional.

If you’re buying a home with an automatic garage door system, make sure it functions properly during your inspection and walk-through prior to closing. What may appear to be old batteries may be a faulty transmitter or possibly the need for a new system.

If you’re installing an automatic garage door system, keep the following in mind: All systems should be installed to meet local building and electrical codes. Lightweight doors of fiberglass, aluminum or steel may need to be reinforced to avoid door damage. Keep the garage door balanced and avoid force adjustments to compensate for a binding or sticking garage door. The components can include door springs, cables and pulleys all under extreme tension and a mistake can cause serious injury. If you have any doubts, contact a professional garage door service.

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