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Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For October

Here are your Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For October:

General walk-through: Work on fall projects, winterization, roof and chimney maintenance.

Check/add salt to water softener. Check smoke and fire alarms.

Have furnace or boiler cleaned and inspected if not done in spring. Call for oil delivery, if needed. Change air filter.

Change storms/screens and close all combination storms. Check door weatherstripping.

Begin fall clean-up: Clear leaves from gutters, downspouts and window wells. Trim any dead brush, shrubbery and tree limbs. Add black dirt around foundation if needed to maintain proper surface drainage.

Open all dampers on lower return vents for forced air heating efficiency.

In this video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, Plumbers 75 member Luke Bauer from Monona Plumbing shows the some of the common causes for concern when considering natural and LP gas safety around your home.

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