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Building A New Home – Exterior Components – Part 2

Framing, Rough & Finish Carpentry – Still the heart and soul of home building, your builder’s framing crew and finish carpenters are critical to the quality of your final product. Plumbers, drywallers and their fellow tradespeople have no chance at superior quality if the framing is not square and plumb. Remember, there is no substitute […]

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For September

General walk-through; check gutters, downspouts and extensionsand foundation landscaping. Plan fall projects.Check/add salt to water softener. Check smoke and fire alarms Check interior windows for dryness and weathering along sills and framing. Clean and apply varnish to natural wood surfaces. Concentrate along sash sills where moisture from condensation collects and combines with sunlight to dry […]

Tree And Shrubbery Maintenance – Part 2

There are several important considerations for choosing trees for planting on your property. If you’ve purchased a home with established trees, hope that the previous owners kept the following in mind: tree hardiness, mature size, shade patterns, soil conditions, pollution tolerance, insect and disease resistance, natural strength and root behavior. With these points in mind, […]

Building A New Home – Exterior Components – Part 1

Site Excavation & Landscaping – Note that all expenses for excavation may not be included in the original bid as there can be unforeseen circumstances. Soil conditions can sometimes increase original estimates. Check with neighbors to see if any soil problems arose during excavation. Excavating the site includes digging the hole, compaction, back filling and […]

Tree And Shrubbery Maintenance – Part 1

  A nicely landscaped home with healthy shrubs and a grove of well chosen, well shaped   shade trees is a shrewd economic investment as it enhances your home’s resale value.   Trees have more than just an ornamental purpose; they provide shade from the summer   sun and block cold winter winds, saving energy […]

Building A New Home – Incorporate Energy Efficiency

  Lot Selection – Think about energy efficiency early including orientation   of your home on the lot, as well as the sun patterns across the sky in   both summer and winter. You can potentially reduce your energy costs   by up to 25% with passive heating through south facing windows and   proper […]

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What Is Porous Asphalt With DRS Paving In this segment of Today’s Home Remodeler, we find out what is porous asphalt with the professionals from DRS Asphalt Paving. And we see how the Middleton, WI park system is utilizing it on their award winning trail system. #asphaltdriveway