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Building A New Home – The Bidding Process

        When you’ve selected your site and are ready with your design   it’s time to review bids and select a builder. Builders will quote   square foot prices to give ballpark figures. Use this as a guide   for the home size you can afford. But keep in mind there are […]

Hazards To Your Home – Radon Gas

  According to the EPA, exposure to indoor radon gas is estimated to cause up to   30,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the US. Because radon is a mobile inert gas,   it is able to migrate through soil and rock into the atmosphere where it is quickly diluted.   A past study […]

Building A New Home – Planning And Design

  Many times when planning the design of their new home, people   want to start sketching. Instead, figure out your “wish list.” Determine   what you need, what you want and what would be nice to have.   Then leave the sketching to the architect, designer or builder.       Be specific about […]

Creating More Storage Space

      Did you know that the pole and shelf closet was designed over a century ago?   Traditional closets waste 60% of their available space but an efficient design   can make every cubic inch count. It can actually double your storage space.       Having a designer come to your home […]

Making Beautiful Things Happen After Dark

After the sun sets and darkness arrives, display the beauty of your property all year long with a well planned and designed exterior lighting system. Enhance the beauty of your landscape and make more use of outdoor spaces like decks and patios in the summer. Exterior lighting can offer transition lighting between indoors and outdoors […]

Building A New Home – Rural Site Selection

  If the land you’re considering is not developed, you’ll need to do additional research regarding septic systems, wells, and land usage.   Were perc tests performed? They determine if the soil is suitable for a conventional drain field. If the soil does not perc you’ll need to install a mound system. The location of […]

Home Remodeling – Selecting Plumbing Fixtures

When building or remodeling, keep in mind that your bathroom and plumbing fixtures will be used daily by your family and will also affect the resale value of your home. When making choices, you should base your decisions on value and not just on price alone.   When choosing a plumbing contractor for your project, […]

Building A New Home – Subdivisions

When selecting a site for your new home, first determine if you want to build in an existing, developed subdivision or on undeveloped rural property. There are different questions to ask for each. Here we’ll discuss developed subdivisions.   When thinking of an existing development, before making a final decision, research how the immediate area […]

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing

Know the location of the main water shut-off valve; it’s usually by the water meter. Also know where additional shut-off valves are for your water heater, water softener, clothes washer, dishwasher and all kitchen and bathroom sinks. Test those shut-off valves once each year to make sure they operate properly.   If you notice dripping […]

Building A New Home – Pre-Site Selection

You really can’t start to design a home without knowing the land it will be on, so the home building process actually starts with looking for land. It’s your first and most important decision and a little forethought will be helpful before looking through the paper or driving around looking for subdivisions.   Before you […]