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Buying A Home – Title Insurance Basics

Title insurance is protection against loss if a defect is found in the title of your property. It pays losses arising through defects in title or liens and encumbrances. From the deed alone, you cannot determine what rights, liens or claims may be outstanding against your title. Title insurance establishes clear title and that all […]

Buying A Home – Hiring A Realtor

A qualified Realtor is a licensed real estate agent who subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics and standard of practice to insure that all parties in a real estate transaction are dealt with fairly.   A Realtor can provide a number of services when buying a home, including up to date listings from the […]

Tips On Financing Your Home Purchase Part 2

So you’ve found a home that you love and it’s time to apply for a mortgage. To speed up the application process, be ready with the information your lender will need. Gather each borrower’s tax returns for the last 2 years, detailed information about employment for that period and copies of pay stubs for the […]

Tips On Financing Your Home Purchase Part 1

Make sure your “financial house” is in order before you shop for a real one. Know the Debt-to-Income Ratio and Credit Score for all prospective borrowers. These numbers and the percentage of your down payment go a long way toward determining the interest rate lenders will offer you.   Compare more than rate when shopping […]

Seasonal Hazards To Your Home – Carpenter Ants

Although most ants live harmlessly outside, there are some that move inside and if left uncontrolled, can do serious structural damage to your home. Carpenter ants usually represent the greatest threat to the homeowner. Carpenter ants are large black ants about ¼ to ½ inch long. They typically live in large trees or wood piles […]

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips – May

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For May General walk through; check exterior gardens, downspouts and extensions, foundation landscaping. Check/add salt to water softener. Check smoke and fire alarms. Check window wells and make sure they are cleaned out and filled with stone. Trim trees and shrubs away from roof and siding to prevent moisture damage. Clean/shampoo […]

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Spring Has ALMOST Sprung!

As this year’s spring in the Midwest is one of the latest we’ve had in years, signs of spring are finally surfacing and many homeowners are eagerly waiting to get a shovel into the ground and start their landscaping! In this weeks featured episode of Today’s Home Remodeler, Stuart Keith will give homeowners like yourselves […]