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Building A New Home – Exterior Components – Part 1

Site Excavation & Landscaping – Note that all expenses for excavation may not be included in the original bid as there can be unforeseen circumstances. Soil conditions can sometimes increase original estimates. Check with neighbors to see if any soil problems arose during excavation. Excavating the site includes digging the hole, compaction, back filling and […]

Building A New Home – Selecting A Builder

  While there are no guarantees, here are some things to consider   when selecting a builder for your new home:   Referrals from family, friends and co-workers can be a good source   but find out if they get a referral fee. Usually, someone you know   would not refer a builder unless they […]

Building A New Home – The Bidding Process

        When you’ve selected your site and are ready with your design   it’s time to review bids and select a builder. Builders will quote   square foot prices to give ballpark figures. Use this as a guide   for the home size you can afford. But keep in mind there are […]

Building A New Home – Subdivisions

When selecting a site for your new home, first determine if you want to build in an existing, developed subdivision or on undeveloped rural property. There are different questions to ask for each. Here we’ll discuss developed subdivisions.   When thinking of an existing development, before making a final decision, research how the immediate area […]