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Siding That Stands Up To The Elements

Whether you believe in climate change or not, there’s no disputing we’re in an era of weather extremes. Heavy duty Rigidstack siding built on LP Smartside provides extreme wind resistance to protect your home in all kinds of weather. In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, host Stuart Keith is joined by siding specialist Andy Strey as they cover […]

An Easy Way To A New Patio

A new patio will make the most out of your outdoor living space and is great for hosting summer cookouts and parties. In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, we’ll see an easy way to a new patio as host Stuart Keith catches up with Craig Kittleson from Kittleson Landscape who shows how to install a beautiful Unilock patio. Subscribe […]

Garage Door Opening Systems

If you own a home with an automatic garage door opener, take a good look and see how it was installed. The installation of a garage door opening system is one of the more common tasks attempted by homeowners with varying degrees of success. The worst jobs are usually obvious and potentially can lead to a […]

Spiff Up Your Home With A New Front Door

Replacing your old front door is a great spring project. A new front door will “spiff up” your home, adding curb appeal while improving security and saving energy. Learn how to select and install a new front door in today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV. Host Stuart Keith meets with industry specialist Ann Lake to review […]

Restoring The Glory To An Old Farm House

In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, we’ll restore the glory to a 4th generation farmhouse in northern Wisconsin. Watch as the experts from Lindus Construction remove the old siding which contains lead paint, repair the rotted wood areas, apply Insultex Housewrap and then finish the home with a custom-made LP Smartside siding and trim package. […]

Preparing For Spring Storms

April showers may bring May flowers but sometimes they come with strong, damaging storms. While you can’t control what Mother Nature sends your way, you can prepare for it. Here are some tips on preparing for spring storms courtesy of AAA: Check your surroundings. See if any trees need to be trimmed near your home […]

How To Insulate A Foundation Wall

A lot of homeowners dream of having a finished basement. Whether it’s for a family room or “man cave,” a finished basement adds a lot of extra living area to a home. But you’re starting from bare cement walls. In today’s short video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, the professionals from Rockweiler Insulation show host Stuart […]

Heating And Cooling For The “She Shed”

One of our Remodeler TV Blog followers built a nice “She Shed” studio for his wife behind their home. He’s concerned about the best way to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I hope he checks out today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV. Host Stuart Keith meets with HVAC […]

It’s A Good Time To Work In The Attic

If your home is newer, you may not even have an attic. But if you live in an older home, you most certainly do. When was the last time you were up there? Spring is a good time to check for water or animal damage and it’s also a good time to make sure your […]

Save Money On Heating And Cooling

Everyone knows that the new furnaces and central air units are more efficient than ever. And if you believe the TV ads, you can save big money by replacing your furnace and central air conditioner at the same time. Well in this case, the TV ads are accurate. In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler […]