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Order Plants Now For Beautiful Flowers Next Spring

We may be the middle of a sweltering summer but experts say now is the time to order bulbs for fall planting to ensure beautiful blooming flowers next spring. Here are some recommendations from the gardening expert at The New York Times. And you can learn how to build a rain garden in today’s video […]

A Project To Consider

Here’s a project to consider while you’re cooped up at home. Heavy spring rain has already caused flooding in many areas. A rain garden is an intelligent way to help alleviate flooding and put the water to good use beautifying your yard. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, Karen Sands from MMSD shows host […]

How To Install A Rain Garden

Spring flooding problems have already started. Caused by heavy rain and snow melt, floods pick up pollutants like animal waste and fertilizer which then wind up in our natural waterways. Rain gardens help by keeping stormwater runoff from going into sewers and ultimately into our lakes. Click here to learn more. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, […]