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Protect Your Home With LeafGuard Gutters

Spring rains are here. And if your gutters are clogged, they’ll overflow causing damage to your home’s foundation. LeafGuard gutters are made from aluminum that’s 20% thicker than regular gutters and the downspouts are designed to handle the heaviest rains. And LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed never to clog so you can leave your ladder in the garage! In today’s […]

Heating And Cooling Design For A New Home

Building a new home this season? Today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV covers the process for designing a heating and cooling system for new home construction featuring the latest products from Carrier. Host Stuart Keith and HVAC specialist Larry Hacker also cover selection, installation and mobile control of your heating and cooling equipment. In Wisconsin […]

How To Install A Rain Garden

Spring flooding problems have already started. Caused by heavy rain and snow melt, floods pick up pollutants like animal waste and fertilizer which then wind up in our natural waterways. Rain gardens help by keeping stormwater runoff from going into sewers and ultimately into our lakes. Click here to learn more. In today’s video from Building Wisconsin TV, […]

How To Insulate A Foundation Wall

A lot of homeowners dream of having a finished basement. Whether it’s for a family room or “man cave,” a finished basement adds a lot of extra living area to a home. But you’re starting from bare cement walls. In today’s short video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, the professionals from Rockweiler Insulation show host Stuart […]

New Windows Will Keep Out Drafts

A major storm is currently hitting the upper Midwest with wind gusts up to 50 mph! If your house is drafty, it’s probably because you need new windows. New windows not only offer improved energy efficiency and UV protection, they also give your home a fresh new look! Today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV features host Stuart Keith and Andy […]

Need A Central Air Conditioner?

Although it may snow tonight, we’ve just had our first 70 degree day. Warmer weather will be here before you know it. Will you be ready? In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, host Stuart Keith meets with HVAC specialist Larry Hacker. They’ll go over what to expect from your contractor in getting an […]

How To Install A Quality Roof

Nobody does their own roofing. You hire a contractor who brings in a crew and you hope they know what they’re doing and are using quality materials. Wouldn’t be nice if you knew more? In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, learn about GAF Ice & Water Shield, Tiger Paw Underlayment, GAF roof shingles and how […]

Heating And Cooling For The “She Shed”

One of our Remodeler TV Blog followers built a nice “She Shed” studio for his wife behind their home. He’s concerned about the best way to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I hope he checks out today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV. Host Stuart Keith meets with HVAC […]

Installing A Lawn And Garden Irrigation System

There have been a lot of advancements in lawn irrigation since the hose and rotating sprinkler. And yes Virginia, you can install a state-of-the-art lawn and garden irrigation system without ripping up your existing landscape! In today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV, host Stuart Keith and Don Dahlk from Capitol Lawn Sprinkler take us to a couple lawn irrigation […]