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Siding That Will Stand Up To The Elements

Rain, snow, wind, hail – we see it all in this part of the country. Heavy duty Rigidstack Siding built on LP Smartside provides extreme wind resistance to protect your home in all kinds of weather. In today’s video from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series, host Stuart Keith is joined by siding specialist Andy Strey as they cover a complete siding system for a […]

Beat Old Man Winter With New Windows

If you want to keep Old Man Winter from being an unwanted houseguest, think about new windows as old, outdated windows are the biggest cause of energy loss in most homes. Today’s video from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series features host Stuart Keith and Andy Lindus from Lindus Construction. We’ll see how Season Guard Vinyl Windows are installed by one of their expert […]

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Old Thermostat

Please don’t say that your home still has one of those old round thermostats! If you haven’t yet upgraded to a programmable control, check out today’s video from the Carrier Consumer Education Series. Host Stuart Keith and HVAC expert Larry Hacker talk about some different options available and how easy they are to use. In Wisconsin, click here to find […]

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For December

Here are your Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For December: General walk through: Check/add salt to water softener. Check smoke and fire alarms. Change or clean furnace air filter. Check temperature and pressure gauges on boiler. Check windows, storm windows, doors and garage door for proper closure and weatherstripping. Check for condensation along windows and glass doors. […]

Replacing A Faulty Drain Tile System

There’s more to keeping your basement dry than simply having a sump pump. The homeowners in today’s video from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series had a working sump pump but their basement was still damp and musty. Host Stuart Keith and Mike Hogenson from Standard Water Control figure out why and replace the drain tile system that isn’t doing it’s job. Watch […]

When You Think Comfort Think Carrier

The best and most efficient way to keep your home warm and comfortable this winter is with a new, high-efficiency Carrier furnace. In today’s video segment from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series, we’ll see how a new furnace is installed. Also, HVAC specialist Larry Hacker explains to host Stuart Keith why the homeowners are upgrading now before their old furnace […]

How To Find Out Where Your Home Is Losing Heat

In case you haven’t noticed, winter has come early and the latest forecast is for colder than normal temperatures for much of the country. Home Diagnostic Testing is the best way to find out where your home is losing heat and costing you money. In today’s video segment from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series, host Stuart Keith and guest expert Andy […]

Properly Insulating A Basement Wall

Today’s energy saving video short from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series has over 45,000 views on YouTube. Host Stuart Keith and the professionals from Rockweiler Insulation show how to properly insulate a basement wall. Subscribe to the Remodeler TV Blog for informative videos on home building, remodeling and maintenance.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

As we approach another Thanksgiving Day, let’s take time to be thankful for the blessings that many of us enjoy: good health, family and friends, a nice home and the great country we live in. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Today’s Home Remodeler and Remodeler TV Blog! If you’re entertaining this Thanksgiving, it may have occurred to […]

Job Opportunities In HVAC

In today’s video from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series, host Stuart Keith meets with Larry Hacker from Temperature Systems Inc., Connie Arndt from R A Heating & Air Conditioning and Brad Werlein from General Heating & Air Conditioning to talk about the job opportunities available in the heating and cooling industry. From the shipping warehouse to field technicians installing and maintaining equipment and from family-owned companies to large commercial […]