March 01 2021 0comment

Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For March

Here are your Monthly Home Maintenance Tips For March:

General walk through: Check for disconnected downspouts and gutter back-up and any water leaks in basement.

Change/clean air filter in furnace. Check temperature and pressure gauges if you have a system with a boiler.

Check/add salt to water softener. Check fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Check along roof eaves and gutters during melts for ice build-up and possible ice dams. Maintain proper drainage during melts.

Begin planning Spring and Summer projects!

Spring is right around the corner and that means early spring rains. If your old rain gutters are not up to the task, check out today’s video from Today’s Home Remodeler TV. Andrew Larson from Larson Home Services shows host Stuart Keith the installation and benefits of Leafguard gutters.

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